Media contacts:

Michael Johnson, President Compass Media & Local Explorer
Founding Host & Sponsor of Sauk Valley Lemonade Day
Phone:  312-545-4784
Website:  www.lemonadeday.org/sauk-valley-area

Lemonade Day returns to the Sauk Valley August 10th 

DIXON, Illinois (August 5, 2019) – Last year the Sauk Valley area saw close to 200 young entrepreneurs open lemonade stands across the region all on one single day. Lemonade Day teaches youth how to start, own, and operate their very own business…a lemonade stand.

Kids learn about creating their own success when they learn to set a goal, make a plan, work the plan, and achieve their dreams. Lemonade Day Sauk Valley is Saturday, August 10th.  “I’m so pleased with the responses and participation of the entire Sauk Valley community for this wonderful program”, stated Michael Johnson, Compass Media president & host to Sauk Valley Lemonade Day.

To register, or to find a map of all the locations visit www.lemonadeday.org/sauk-valley-area or download the “Local Explorer” App to find a GPS-enabled map of locations.

Come out for a glass of lemonade!

About Lemonade Day

 Lemonade Day was founded in Houston in 2007 by serial entrepreneur Michael Holthouse and his wife Lisa. Lemonade Day, which hosts events from April through late summer each year, has expanded to 80 communities in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, and South Africa.  More than 1 million kids have engaged in the Lemonade Day program, which teaches business and character-building skills that will benefit them for life. Kids who register to participate in the free Lemonade Day program, with the help of a parent or other adult mentor, have access to digital and printed materials that walk them through the process of starting their own lemonade business: creating a plan, addressing logistical considerations for hosting a lemonade stand, devising strategies to promote their stand in advance, and deciding what to do with the money they will earn. Lemonade Day encourages kids to borrow start-up funds from an adult sponsor and repay their investor from the profits they earn from selling lemonade, then to “spend some, save some and share some” of those profits with a cause that matters to them. (See www.LemonadeDay.org for more information.)