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Your Lemonade Day update

8/18/18 - Report your business results!  If you didn't get an opportunity to submit your paper form located within your Lemonade Day materials you can SUBMIT THEM ONLINE.  If you complete this your child will be eligible to win 1 of THREE bikes we're giving away!   (Lemonade Day is giving away 1 and the Local Explorer is giving away 2!)

Also, did you go above and beyond for Lemonade Day?  We will select one Lemonade Stand owner for the Sauk Valley Entrepreneur of the Year.  This person excelled at the entire process of Lemonade Day, had a successful stand which resulted in meeting their goals and experiences.  Share your story when you're completing the business results form (the link above) to be considered.

Submissions due by September 1st, 2018.

The Local Sauk Valley Entrepreneur of the Year will be entered to win the National award.  The 2018 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year will be rewarded with a trip to a major theme park!

These are the 2 bikes we're giving away!

These are the 2 bikes we're giving away!

8/12/18 - Lemonade Day "Best Of" Results are in!  Votes were tallied off the Local Explorer app.  Next year we will open voting up to Facebook, the app & text message voting!  

Congrats to the winner, here are the top (4).  We will message you details on Monday about how to pick up your plaque!

Best Tasting Lemonade:

1st - Sip & Shack Lemonade
2nd - TC Lemonade
3rd -  Lemonicious
4th - Crafty Sisters

Best Looking Stand:  

1st - Crafty Sisters
2nd - 3EE Sisters Lemonade Stand
3rd - TC Lemonade
4th - The Polar Squeeze

8/11/18 - Lemonade Day in the Sauk Valley is today!  Get out and support our young business owners!  Buy Lemonade and Vote on Best Tasting and Best Stand right on the App!  Look under Stand Map!

8/6/18 - Still need a stand location???  We have some really good sponsors looking for young entrepreneurs!!  Email me or text me 312-545-4784 and I'll let you know what's available! - Michael Johnson

8/1/18 - We are so excited for August 11th , we can hardly wait!  We hope that you are all as excited as we are, so we jotted down some FAQ’s to help you.

1. Brand your stand and put your pin on the map!


We have lots of kids registered but not everyone has put a pin on the map. I know this can sometimes be a hard or difficult decision, but it won’t work as well for you if we can’t tell people how to find you. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  If you have issues or problems mapping your location, please let us know. 

Still don't know where to put your stand?  Let us know, we have official Lemonade Day Location Sponsors with OPENINGS! 

Your Lemonade Day contacts:  

Michael Johnson, Compass Media
Call/Text: 312-545-4784

Denise Young, ValuChic
Call/Text: 815-718-5808

2.  A friendly reminder from the Health Department.

Because this is a public event only lemonade can be served.  If you want to serve anything besides lemonade you will need to contact your local health department and apply for a temporary permit for a small fee.  

If you're stand is located in Whiteside Co. (Sterling/Rock Falls) you must download and complete the following One Day Lemonade Stand Permit Application - No Fee.  Please complete this ASAP and submit!

If you're stand is in Ogle Co. (Oregon) please review this material.

Emails will be sent out as soon as possible with your local health department requirements and regulations.

3.  Stand Profiles for the Mobile App!! 

Name your stand - make it something catchy and cool that people can remember and will want to visit.

Send us a picture of your stand – This will make it easy for people to vote for your stand online.

Your Name - with all the cool stand names out there, don’t forget to tell us who you are!

This is important!!  Email this info to mjohnson@compassmediallc.com


SBDC Classes have started!  Don't worry, there's still two left.

The Illinois Small Business Development Center is offering a FREE one-hour consultation with any child/mentor combination to help walk you through your backpack & materials, that information will be available in the packet.

August 2nd at the Dixon Chamber office from 9:00 AM -7:00pm

August 9th at the Sterling Main Street office from 9:00 AM-5:00pm

Don’t miss out on these great learning opportunities, please email sbdc@svcc.edu.

Are you just getting registered?  If you haven't, do it here!

Here are your pick-up locations for bags and workbooks:

Sterling Main Street Office
318 first Ave
Sterling, IL 61081

Rock Falls Tourism Office
603 W. 10th Street
Rock Falls, IL. 61071

Dixon Chamber office
87 S. Hennepin Ave.
Dixon IL. 61021

Best Beginnings
108 N. 2nd St.
Oregon IL. 61061

Remember: This is a family event, relax, enjoy, learn and most of all have fun!

Don't forget to download the Local Explorer App - this will have all the latest Lemonade Day information !