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Inside the Real Estate & Rentals section you'll find featured brokers & agents along with interactive articles.  The property listings and open houses are GPS enabled and helps users find their way to your property!  

Available Options:

Featured Broker/Agent:  $250/mo. - Limited to a select number based on app design & navigation.  This is the prime location for a real estate broker/agent.  Special advertising available within multiple sections of the real estate section including and based on inventory:  Real Estate Navigation Page, Real Estate 101, Property Listings.

+++ Includes "Contributor" membership within Real Estate 101 section plus 3 Featured Property Listings.

Real Estate 101:  $50/mo. - Contributor - Write knowledge base articles (or purchase them) – this section has multiple sections from Buying/Selling Home Tips to Mortgage Prepping. Logo, business profile & contact information is included.

Real Estate 101 Title Sponsor:  $100/mo. - Same as above plus you receive top placement (only one per section).

For Sale & Rental Listings:  $50/ea. - Real Estate for Sale and/or Rent; multiple pictures - categories - links are available.  Runs for 30 days.

Open Houses:  FREE - includes GPS map (Toolbox feature)

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