"Best of" Awards update: Due to an overwhelming number of duplicate entries, tallying votes has made things impossible to provide clear winners for "best tasting and best looking lemonade stands". With this in mind, and to promote a fair platform, all stands that received a (+5) vote will receive a "Best Tasting and Best Looking Lemonade Stand Award".

All stands will receive their award in the next two weeks. We need to get awards printed and framed so you will be notified tomorrow via email if you received a (+5) vote. We apologize for not providing a clear winner and will adjust the voting platform next year.

Everyone should be very proud of their hard work and determination. Lemonade Day is about experiencing something far more than just lemonade - it's about building memories and experiences that you will take with you as you grow. Thank you again and congratulations to all award recipients!

- Michael "Lemmy" Johnson, President of Compass Media & Founding Sponsor of Sauk Valley Lemonade Day